how many did you say?

So…there is a group of five children that need a home. Yes, they are legally free for adoption. Yes, that would make our total kid count 12. Yes, we will still pursue having a baby. (Hello, frozen embryos!) And…Yes, we are completely crazy for considering it! *insert blog title for confirmation*

The funny thing is, I am totally at peace with whatever we decide. It is kind of like I have been preparing for this my whole life…very difficult to explain. It is not the placement we envisioned we would take at this stage of our lives. There are two teenage boys involved. I have nothing against teens. I love them. And they could turn out to be the best thing we have ever done. I have no doubt of that. It is just that I am not sure I am totally ready to make the jump in parenting. And I am not saying we are going to do it. But we are on the placement team’s short list and I am anxious to hear if we get to meet them.

The short of it–there is always room for one more (or two, or ten) around here. Period! 🙂


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