not good news in the fertility world. 🙁

We did get pregnant. The transfer worked. We saw a heartbeat at seven weeks. We saw a another heartbeat, and growing baby, at 8.5 weeks. We went in at 10 weeks for a final ultrasound before we were to be sent off to the regular OB. No heartbeat. The baby had died a few days before. d&c performed the next day. That was three weeks ago.

We started with two sacs. One stopped progressing and was passed around eight weeks. It did not harm the other baby so we are still stumped as to the cause of this miscarriage. Everything looked great. We were measuring on target. Strong heartbeat. Religious about my meds and hormones. In fact, the doctor’s face dropped at the ultrasound…completely perplexed. He had brought us into the big room with the nice monitor so he could play around a bit and enjoy our last visit. Needless to say, he was just as shocked as we were. Doctor Fisch suggested a d&c so that we could test the fetus for abnormalities. I went with his recommendation, and am glad I did. I have always passed pregnancies naturally, but this time was different, and I have no regrets about taking care of it immediately.

We will get the results of the fetal testing at our consult next week. We’ll see where we go from here. If the tests come back normal, we’re not sure what changes will be made, but we’ll at least know if that was the cause. For now, I take great comfort in knowing we actually had a growing baby in a sac in the right spot with all its parts. That is something that we haven’t had before. The loss stings more because of this, for sure. But we are hopeful that we are one step closer to having a baby.

Our hope and prayer now is that our frozen embryos are chromosomally normal and viable. That at least one of the four of them survives the thaw and makes it to term. We’ll probably cycle in December or January. But for now we are in limbo until my own female cycle decides it wants to join the party.

I’m not sure how many more losses I can take this year. It’s a GOOD thing 2o12 is drawing to a close! 🙂


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