baby hope….in more than one way

8dpt= 53


Our numbers are more than doubling… Doc thinks it’s one. So do I.

Ultrasound= 8 March (Friday)…at seven weeks.


In other news. We’re meeting a sibling group of three little girls today. They are legally free for adoption, and have kind of fallen into our laps. We know there is one more adoption out there for us. We haven’t been sure when or how that would happen, but we are kind of excited (and overwhelmed) that this might be it. The oldest just turned three and she has twin baby sisters who are just over a year. They are beautiful.

The question: is it the right time and the right placement for us? We have said “no” many times over the past year for lots of reasons. So I am confident we can make the right decision this time too.


  1. Three little girls! That would be fun. Whatever is right for you and for them is what will happen. I know you know that. I’m excited for your ultrasound!

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