…we’re crazy. Just in case you didn’t know that about us yet.

We met, fell in love with, and committed to a sibling group of three last week. We bring them home next Tuesday, the 5th. We are so excited. Through a long string of compounding events, we feel this is the adoption we have been waiting for.

Oldest sister just turned three. She is so sweet and shy and adorable. She reminds me of Annie two years ago, but quieter.

The younger twins girls are 14 months. But they act about 9-12 months. I’ll give more background once they are legally adopted, but they are healthy…just need some family members to give them attention and push them a little bit. They should “catch up” quickly.

We will be changing all of their names. Because we can. And because we have never been able to before. That’s kind of exciting. But now the pressure is on to find not only one great name, but three.

THE BIGGER SURPRISE: they have a two month old newborn baby brother who is in a foster home right now. He has a court hearing soon…like next week. And he is probably coming to us too. It is more than we ever hoped for.

And we are excited.

And you can talk about us behind our backs….it’s okay…because we know you do. And because we probably would too. 🙂 We know it is right. And we know they belong with us. And we are grateful to be God’s instrument in some small way in the lives of some little precious beings who just need a family.

Pictures (with blacked out faces for the next six months) will be forthcoming. Next Week! Maybe! If I’m not too tired!!


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