the land of might

Two weeks from now is coming fast,
It could be almost real.
My quest for you is maybe done,
I wonder how I”ll feel.

I might be crying happy tears,
I might be really sad.
I might be full of heartache,
or I might be really glad.

I might be buying clothes,
I might be making beds.
I might be getting to know you,
and kissing your beautiful heads.

One thing is for certain though,
You are worth the fight.
Worth the pain and sorrow too,
worth every bit of might!

So I’ll fight, fight, fight,
with all my might.
To make your lives a little more right.

Yes, it is true.
You are worth the fight.
Worth every bit of might!

–by Rachel McCracken
28 September 2010

HEART meeting is scheduled for October 12th.
And so we wait for word of the adoption for another two weeks.


  1. is this for the sibling foster grp? praying god’s will for u. keep sharing. u have such an awesome story. love ur posts!

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