810Check this picture out. Me, mom, and the four kids all in the back of one of the taxis. Awesome!!! I’m pretty sure we’ll have a few meltdowns over the booster seats awaiting them in the minivan. 🙂 We figure that while we’re here the kids are pretty safe because we are packed in so tight–no one can go anywhere. Well, that’s not really true. The first few times in the car, Juan Pablo tried opening the door handle while we were moving. He has no concept of what would happen if the door opened. He’s getting better, but I still have to hold him on my lap.

We thought for sure we wouldn’t get internet until Monday, but the provider surprised by showing up this evening. We now have internet and cable, which means we now have cartoons for the kids. Although they’ve been content to watch the same movie over and over and over on our portable DVD player, I’m going to run out of new ones very soon. I think I still have three that they haven’t seen. Right now they are watching The Jungle Book–for like the fifth time in two days. I love that they’ll watch the same thing.

Let’s see, we only had one major melt down and two mini meltdowns today. That’s improved over four major melties yesterday. But we are thinking that with four kids in tow that’s pretty darn good. Most of the meltdowns happen around nap time or bed time or anytime the kids think one of us has been gone too long–that we might not return. Those are meltdowns we expect, understand, and welcome. There haven’t been any melties in public. For that I am grateful. Here are a few more pictures to tide everyone over. Adam is transferring the rest of our pics tonight. You will all eat up the cuteness we have coming your way. Hopefully, I can post some more tomorrow during “quiet time.”


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