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Rach here! Okay, first of all, Adam forgot to remind everyone that the camera adds 20 pounds. I wish I could say it added 40! 🙂 Regardless, things have been crazy and I still don’t have time for a proper post. I just wanted to update everyone and say that we won’t have internet until Friday–maybe Saturday. We are moving into an apartment tomorrow–finally, hallelujah. For the PAP’s out there, I have much information to share on the places we’ve stayed so far, and all about the logisitics of things here, so stay tuned. I have two entries written in my head for today and yesterday, but they will have to wait until Friday….so sorry. And we will have more video of our first meeting. It’s actually about 13 minutes long, but our connection has been too slow to load the whole thing.

Quickly, I love my children. I wouldn’t trade the highs and lows of the last two day for anything. Juan Pablo could probably wear a 3T and his smile lights up the whole room. Daniela has the cutest laugh in the whole entire world, and she’s quite cheeky. Esmaralda loves to tease and tickle–that’s how she shows her affection right now. And Daniel, well he is the best big brother in the whole world. He is very thoughtful, methodical, and tender. Do I have a favorite? Of course–and it changes every couple of hours because they each continue to surprise me. I can’t wait to post my letters to them.

Okay, so I’ll admit it: I’m tired!!! I don’t know how I will get these four children home by myself. I can manage immigration and customs fine, but any meltdowns on the plane–NO! Why? Because as soon as one melts, another starts–you know the drill. I’m praying for an empty flight! 🙂

Good news–our first meeting with the child defender is one week from yesterday. That’s great because it is on the earliest day we could possibly have it. Some families end up waiting the full two weeks before the process officially starts. Not that I’m super hopefull, but that means I could possibly be home on the short end of our timeline.

For those friends waiting for video conferences over Skype–we’ll be calling shortly. Probably this weekend or the beginning of next week. We’ll see how the next few days go. It mostly has to do with our connection and the children’s schedule.

Enjoy the pics…

Love, Rach



  1. Oh, my gosh! What a beautiful family! We are so thrilled for you! I must tell you that I got a huge kick out of the picture that was obviously taken just before you met the children.

  2. Cute pictures! I love the photos!!! It is so great to family pictures of you guys all out on the town and having fun. I love seeing the kids in action. They obviously love their Mami and Papi! I can wait to hear what meal time and bedtime is like with four!!! I bet you are having so much fun, even though you are exhausted.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I love to see their faces. I am thrilled to see you in a picture with them. I adore the picture of Daniel leaping for joy! Enjoy each tired moment. You can totally make it on the plane, I have complete confidence in you! Love you tons. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jason can’t wait for you guys to come home. I keep waking him in the middle of the night to show him your post!! We keep replayig the video of when you all got to have real hugs! These moments are so precious. Thank you for taking the time to share them with us. We can not wait to see all of you!!!!

  5. WOW! Rachel I love your awesome family pictures! I am sure that the emotions were so crazy before you finally met them. I am so glad that you have an update and a place to stay. I hope that your transition will go smoothly. Don’t worry your body will adjust to the exhaustion. 🙂

  6. YAY!!! Love the pictures of the children with Mami, Papi, and Abuelita. You guys all look so happy. We’re sorry that we missed the Skype call last night but hopefully you’ll have a chance to do that again soon.

    Dé los abrazos de niños y besos de la Tía Marisa, del tío Kenny, y de su prima Miranda. (Give the kids hugs and kisses from Aunt Marisa, uncle Kenny, and their cousin Miranda.)

    We love you guys!

  7. Great Pics! It’s so good to see so many happy faces! My fav pic is the one with grandma holding Juan Pablo with her cool sunglasses on it is so cute! And the pic with everyone is just a sigh of relief to finally see you physically by there side and how long you’ve waited for that moment! Can’t wait to see the updates this weekend and excited that you get to have your place now and hopefully there not going to pull your leg on the price and be honest! Good luck and I wish so badly I could fly out there to help you bring the kids home…We love you and I’m with Val your body will definately adjust to the exhaustion just give it some time!

  8. So fun to see you all together! I am really wishing I did that whole Skype thing so that I got to talk to you too! As for the plane ride home I guess there is always Children’s Benadryl or Tylenol with codeine to knock them out for a few hours. Although the benadryl never makes my kids go to sleep and actually has the opposite effect and seems to make them more wired! You can do it though, if anything it will be a great lesson in patience for you. We can’t wait to meet your family.

  9. I’ve read this post several times and just realized I never left a comment. I can’t wait for the next update with more photos. I miss you and your houses miss you and Robert misses his buddy and we have always missed the kids! 🙂

  10. I’m with Jaime Lynn, darn google reader! HA! THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! I just love them! You look great too! I know you are exhausted, but once you are in the routine with the kids it will get better. (Along with what Val and Jaime said!) We are having FHE at our house on Monday and will be missing you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait till our first FHE with your cuties!

  11. hey rach & adam,
    of course cried as i read your blog entries. i was looking at the pic of your kids(i left it on my fridge) and decided to actually attempt a look at your blog(never did it before–

  12. hey rach & adam,
    disregard the 1st entry–not sure what happened…hahahaha….can u tell i am very computer illiterate!!! but i actually succeeded 🙂 of course i cried(for joy)!!! i am so happy to see u are finally there and have been with the kiddies!!! i loved, loved, loved the video. made me cry even more!!! 🙂 you guys are def in our prayers. cant wait to meet your family!!!
    hugs to all of you

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