letters from mom

To my sweet children,

Uncle Rob taught papi and I to pray in Spanish a few nights ago. I’m trying to memorize as many of the phrases as I can before we travel to Colombia. Aunt Jaime also tried her hand at Spanish. She particularly likes tortugas–I think she just likes how the word rolls off her tongue. Papi said the prayer with some help from Rob. He was so nervous, but he did a beautiful job. Your papi has an exceptional linguistic gift. He is so used to being proficient in Mandarin. Spanish is new and different for us both–and we are glad to be learning it. I was too much of a chicken to say part of the prayer in front of others. I’m working on it though. My goal is to be able to teach you how to pray in Spanish first.

We are also busy researching all the amazing places we want to visit when we arrive. You are so very lucky to have a cultural heritage that embraces family, values children, and enjoys life. It is because your culture values you that we get to be your parents. We are very grateful for that. We are grateful that the Colombian government recognizes the vital nature of keeping siblings together. We are grateful that they tried their very best to keep you with your family. We are grateful that you have been so well cared for by nutritionists, psychologists, and caregivers while waiting for your adoption.

The beginnings of your young lives have been incredibly unfair, but your futures are bright. Colombia’s love of family will soon bring us together. And I am more confident than ever that you are meant to be ours.


  1. You guys are amazing! What special spirits that get the chance to join your family! You always bring tears to my eyes with your posts! Thanks for being my friend!(Even though I called you guys nerds)

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