Colombia is Passion!

What a cool place our kids are from!
Thanks to Jim and Jaime’s blog for a link to this video. They are in Colombia right now, adopting 3 little ones. Lots of great stories and pictures on their blog.


  1. I need to be in Colombia…the artist has made them “love the cubby ones!” Who could ask for anything better?

    It’s a beautiful film, and I love that it is narrated by a child. I can just hear Daniel, Esmeralda, Maria Daniela and Juan Pablo’s voices in it. Such sweet voices…

  2. That little boys’ voice was absolutely adorable! I loved the video rach it got me even that much more excited for you to go and now I want to go even more than I wanted to before…ughhh… I can’t wait to see them and their country looks so beautiful just like them!

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