And it feels so good. I have decided that this is something I need to do for me, and for others. I noticed that my last post here was in January. Obviously, we have updated on the family blog regularly in that time, but it still feels like I have been gone from adoption blogging. Today, I am going to repost two of my recent rants from the family blog here. I feel like this space should be their permanent home.

Recently, as things have calmed to a lull around here, I have lit my own fire to seek out more Colombian specific adoption blogs, and other adoption blogs that deal with real day-to-day adoption issues. I want to always stay connected to our adoption process, and to those who fight the fertility fight. Blogging helps me keep that focus. Blogging allows me to share our story–I know the kids will appreciate it one day. Blogging, in some weird way, makes me be more honest about what really goes on around here. 🙂 Blogging affords me opportunities to talk about fertility, and our continued struggles.

I know there are things I can/should be doing to help our little ones continue to heal, but when things are running relatively smoothly it is difficult to make myself get moving on it. I know that blogging about it helps me stay motivated. I feel much more brave when I blog. I miss the honest and non-sugarcoated posts of my past. So, here we go!!!

 Oh, and after months (years at this point) of complaining/whining from our beloved friends and family, we have made it easier for you to comment. You do not have to register anymore–or remember your password.

You can thank me later. 🙂


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