our final interview


Isn’t this home beautiful? This is where we’ve spent a lot of our time preparing for our adoption. It is the home of our social worker who is preparing our homestudy. He lives in Ogden so we’ve become quite familiar with getting around down there. Anyway, we had our last homestudy interview last week. Very Exciting. The rest of our reference letters our on their way, as well as the last of our documentation. Craig should have our homestudy written and ready to send to USCIS (immigration) in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, we’ll have approval by the end of March. Wahoo!!! Its getting closer. We’ve also received the last of the psychological/social/nutritional information on the children. It’s amazing what their little spirits have been through in their lifetimes. They inspire me to move ahead and continue on this path.



  1. Beautiful home. I love the three pictures of you guys. They reflect well what you must be feeling. The one of the two of you reflects peace and comfort in moving in this direction. Adam is the freaking out, “Oh my word will it really happen, eeek!!” and you, just happy to be an expectant mama. We sure love you guys.

  2. I love Jessica’s comment it’s so true and right on the money! That house is really pretty and BIG! I’m so excited to almost be a new auntie! Love you guys and wish you all the best in this adventure!

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