our final interview

62 Isn’t this home beautiful? This is where we’ve spent a lot of our time preparing for our adoption. It is the home of our social worker who is preparing our homestudy. He lives in Ogden so we’ve become quite familiar with getting around down there. Anyway, we had our last homestudy interview last week.… Continue reading our final interview

blogging is amazing

My last adoption post was about my experience at previously stated shipping company. If you notice the comments to that post, you’ll see that both major shipping companies contacted me. Isn’t that amazing? All because of a little venting on my blog. Amazing!!! For those of you wanting to comment on the adoption blog–remember you can use… Continue reading blogging is amazing

Who’s a Criminal?

My worst fear has been quashed. Adam really isn’t a felon. 🙂 [haha] Our BCI’s (background checks) cleared this week. YEAH!!! Finally, some good news around here. We didn’t think they would come in until February or March. That means we need to get our booties in gear and finish our portion of the homestudy. We’re… Continue reading Who’s a Criminal?


Here we are pulling out of our driveway in the fog, snow, slush, and mist to make the one hour drive to our social worker’s house for our first meeting. (If you click on the picture you will see Adam waving to the camera 🙂 I wasn’t nervous at that point because it was only… Continue reading OUR FIRST VISIT