Here we are pulling out of our driveway in the fog, snow, slush, and mist to make the one hour drive to our social worker’s house for our first meeting. (If you click on the picture you will see Adam waving to the camera 🙂 I wasn’t nervous at that point because it was only an initial–get your paperwork–say hello–type meeting. It turned out great. Craig is going to be very easy and wonderful to work with. I felt super comfortable. All of our interviews will be held at Craig’s house. It is a beautiful home–I’ll have to make sure to get a picture next time–it was too wet and slushy to pull the camera out this go-around.

We have the opportunity of participating in an online adoptive parent education program. We also get to attend monthly seminars in Ogden that address pertinent adoption topics such as culture, institutions, attachment, etc. Some of my journal posts are elaborations of questions I was required to answer for the education program.

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