ivf…the cheap plan :)

We just paid our non-refundable deposit for IVF…August Cycle. For those considering in-vitro, or wanting to compare their plan, here is our breakdown…

Deposit: $2000
Remainder: $7580 (due by Cycle Day 1)
Fertility drug protocol: $3750
Fluid ultrasound: $850
Initial consult: $250
Anesthesiologist: &450
Frozen embryo storage: $1000/year

Plus, a $50 co-pay each time I go in. And all the pre-cycle blood testing for both Adam and I….most of this is covered by insurance so I’m not counting it yet. We are planning for around $15,000 give or take.

–this is for the cheapest plan they offer, one fresh egg retrieval, plus $3000 discount since I have a teaching license.

We have chosen to try only one time. If we get pregnant and/or we have frozen embryos then awesome. If not, then we move on to another adoption. We just want to know.

Assuming we actually end up with viable embryos, we’ll know around Labor Day if it took. Egg retrieval is only four weeks away. From there it will go really fast.

Wish us luck!

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