a long time coming :)

We received the most amazing and glorious news today. One of my besties, Jessica, got “the call” and is off with her husband to pick up their new baby boy tomorrow. Jes and Dan have been married for 10 years now. Their first adoption (sweet baby George) seems like ages ago. Georgie’s life was taken by cancer when he was just a few months old. After many years of trying “stuff” they now have the opportunity to raise a second son. Our hearts and our hands are overjoyed. In fact, my heart is pounding really fast right now and my legs have goosebumps. My fingers feel prickly, and I can’t stop talking Adam’s ear off about the whole thing. How will I ever sleep tonight?

Since this adoption is somewhat open, I hesitate to post too many details here to protect all parties involved. But I had to give a giant shout out before they board the plane tomorrow. There are many friends here in Las Vegas that know of Jessica and Dan’s story…and I thought you would all want to share in the joyous news.  I just got off the phone with Jes for the second time tonight, and she is ecstatic. I have not heard that much joy in her spirit since Georgie. It is like coming home, isn’t it Jes?

The McCrackens in Las Vegas will be praying for your safe return.


  1. I am so excited for Jess! Sure wish I could tell her on her blog 😉 hehe I think now I understand why she made it private! Lightbulb!!!

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