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18 weeks have passed since the day we picked our children up. This picture was from  the first night in Bogota before we moved into the apartment. Many of you will recognize the Zuetana room and bed–oh, how I loathe that bed. I was thinking back to that first night as a family. Here is what I remember most:

1. all the kids wanting to sleep in our room…which is one of the only times we have ever caved to them 🙂

2. Wompy calling out for Papa in the middle of the night. I will never forget that sad worried little voice as he cried out for us. It was as if he was afraid it was all a dream.

3. Daniela’s skinned up face. It looked as though we beat her. (good thing we only had her for a day at that point)

4. The water play. Oh, how I am grateful that they now realize water is always available to them when needed.

The joy these last four months of motherhood has brought me far outweighs the fitful moments of childhood. I know that most parents feel this way about their children no matter how they gained their respective family. But this week, as we pass our four month anniversary, I cannot convey in words the amount of love I feel for each of my children. It is as though they were meant for us. When I look at our recent family picture, I don’t see our adopted children. I don’t see Colombians with American parents. I don’t see anyone missing or out of place. I just see our children. I am amazed that it has only taken me four months to feel this way. Love is an amazing force!

And we are a normal family, Spanglish and all. Last night, I was out doing some Christmas shopping. When I left the house, Adam asked the kids what they wanted to play. The two grandes got together and came over to daddy. In Spanglish they said, “you know dad, we want to play that game where we jump on top of each and try and get you on the ground.” Adam’s like, “Oh, you want to wrestle, huh?” They said, “yeah, yeah.” Then the picanos chimed in, “yeah.” Adam said they wrestled for about 20 minutes and he pinned them all four to the ground simultaneously. The best part is that he was smiling the whole time he recounted the story to me. When he finished I said, “Yeah, and they waited until mom was out of the house, didn’t they?” 🙂

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