a tiny glimmer of hope

(I just blog lifted the title from a dear friend.)

We said that when we had news, you would have news. I’m not sure if this is even newsworthy, but here is the latest: it looks like Adam and I will be graced with the dreaded Las Vegas summer heat for a couple more months, well at least six weeks of it. We heard from our caseworker and there have been a couple of changes to the approval process in Colombia, at least with regard to the particular institution our children are currently housed in.

Commonwealth’s in-country representative said that they (meaning the government approving committee) hope our referral letter will be sent in two weeks….so we are planning on three!!! Our travel date will be two to four weeks after we receive the letter. Adam and I both “plan” on leaving for Bogota in six weeks or so. I’m sure that will change for better or worse, but at least we know what the hold up is with our letter. That makes all the difference for us!!!


  1. Oh, sweet joy! Some word at last. (And you are welcome to steal my post titles any time you like.)

    Colombia or bust. Look out, sweet babies. Mami and Papi could be on their way soon.

  2. I’m glad you have finally heard something. Little news is way better than no news!!! I can’t wait for them to be in your arms (I can only imagine how you feel).

  3. Do they need me to run the letter over there for them?!?! You guys are so darn patient! I mean, really! Thanks for that example. You are amazing.

  4. Well some news is better than no news right!!! Hey thought I’d let you know that Denise Iverson left another bag of clothes on our doorstep she is so dang nice! And checked the mail–no letter yet 🙁 I’m sure soon though!!!

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