dear juan pablo,


Well little monkey, your name is the most ‘Latino’ sounding of the bunch, isn’t it? And let me tell you, we always here about it. I think all of your future family and friends have made mention of how crazy beautiful Juan Pablo McCracken sounds. And I must admit, it is pretty funny! It is not everyday you here such a strong Latino name in conjunction with a very apparent Irish name. Papi and I love it, and we think whether you want to change it, shorten it, or keep it the same it will fit you perfectly.

You are the youngest, baby boy, which means I am sure you are spoiled by your siblings. Oh, to be the baby! When I envision spending time with you I see us running crazy on the soccer field and never being able to keep up. I have a feeling you will be the one keeping our house hopping ALL THE TIME!

You are the one that Papi and I know the least about on paper. Of course, at four (now five) years old you have been at the orphanage for over half of your young life. I was thinking the other night that you most likely have very few memories of life with your birth-parents. Most likely your are just busy being four. I hope that is the case. I pray that you have bonded with your brother and sisters and/or your caregivers. That will make the bonding process between us much easier.

Juan Pablo, your mischievous smile melts my heart! You are so handsome. I cannot wait to push your swing and dig in the sandbox with you. You are in for a major treat–Papi will read bedtime stories every night. We’ve already discussed it, and he wants that to be his job. And if there is one promise I can make about living with us it is that you will never go without a good night kiss again.


  1. Oh Jaun Pablo McCracken, you did get a bit of a chuckle from Uncle Dan on that one! Five years old, yep, your parents won’t be able to keep up, but they will have a blast trying.

  2. Oh Rach, You always make me cry! I am so excited for you guys! It is a good thing that you trained for a half marathon! If he is anything like Carter, You will need it! 🙂 I can’t wait to see Carter play with your boys! He LOVES to be one of the big boys!

  3. Dear Juan Pablo,

    I love you, too. Just keep busy being four, now five. We can’t wait to meet you!

    Tia and Tio Robert and Jaime

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