growing by three

Yep, that’s right. We received an official referral for the sibling group of three we have been waiting on. We will update here as the updates come.


These ninos are ready to rock-and-roll. They are so excited to grow our family. 🙂

What we do know:
1. We have a Child Presentation Meeting next week to get bios and ask questions of the team.
2. The children are delightful and adorable.
3. On the spectrum of what comes through the Foster system, their delays and “issues” are mild at best.
4. The boys are in school full time, All-day Kinder and First Grade.
5. The little girls speaks only Spanish….she’s three.
6. There is a relative in the picture–kind of sort of–so there is a chance (however slim) that we won’t be able to finalize.

What we don’t know:
1. When we will meet the children.
2. What day we will take custody of the children (I am hoping by Thanksgiving–but that is optimisitic, I think).
3. How far along “Termination of Parental Rights” is.
4. Anything else I haven’t already mentioned. 🙂

Knowing all this, I am happy to field questions. I am sure I know more than I think I do. I will answer in the comments section. If you would like to see a picture of the children, let me know and I will send you a private message. We will not be allowed to post any pictures here, or on Facebook, until the adoption is finalized, which is probably nine months at best.


  1. Oh Wow! This is awesome! I wish you knew more! Why does it have to take so long for them to get to you!? AHH! That must be frustrating. But I guess you have a few things you need to get in order going from 4 kids to 7!!! Congrats guys!

  2. Me, me, me! I want to see a picture!! 🙂

    I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to hear more details as you learn more. I can’t wait to meet the children. Do you know what they’ll be bringing with them and what you’ll need, like clothes, bedding, etc? This tia is ready to start shopping!

  3. I want to see a picture! Where are they from? One of the officers I work with was adopted from Colombia!

    I’m excited to learn more and get to know them!


  4. I’ll have Adam send you an email with pic, Darin. The kids are from here in Las Vegas…hispanic. The five year old looks so much like Juan did when we got him. He also seems to have that same glint in his eyes. 🙂 Oh boy, are we ready for this?

  5. We are planning to buy another bunk bed and a toddler bed. I think I have enough clothes for the boys to get started, but I know I won’t have anything small enough for the little girl. When we have our first meet, I will have a better idea of clothing sizes and needs. I’m sure I’ll be able to ask the current foster mom what they will be bringing with them.

    I’ll post that info when I find out…probably a couple of weeks away from meeting them.

  6. Of course we want to see a pic for sure! Hope all goes as it should and a quickly for you guys, Congrat’s 🙂

  7. This is both wonderful and crazy… but mostly wonderful! 🙂 You already know how I feel and what I think, but in case I haven’t officially said it yet, Congratulations and we will be praying that all goes according to Plan.

  8. Let me know on the girl size…I know can get you plenty of hand me downs, especially if she is on the smaller size…Lyndie’s drawers are overflowing!

  9. Haha… I thought the same thing when I saw the photo of the middle one. 🙂 Juan’s partner in crime? Keep us posted!

  10. Rachel, first you look amazing! I’m so SO excited for you! We are gonna miss ya in Hawaii but I pretty sure increasing your family will have a bigger impact on your life LOL! We miss you guys! Tell the kids hi for me & give them a hug too!

  11. oh my!!! tears of joy well in my eyes as i type! i know this is the desire of your heart to share your love and home and family with those without… that’s god’s heart, too! may you and adam be blessed with wisdom and ENERGY and everything else you need to bring these babies into your home and help them as they transition. i’m so happy for yall!!!! Please send pic with their names and we can pray for them. and u do look fab in that awesome shirt! send me one of those pics, too, lol!


  12. What amazing news!! Just popped onto Wendi’s site and read of the news that your family was growing again. Congratulations! Our families are very similar in that we have 4 kids now, 3 of which were adopted from Colombia, and we are awaiting a TX adoption of either a sibling set of 3 or 4 children from the foster care system here. Wishing you luck and we’ll be following along to check your progress. So happy for you!

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