147 MILLION orphans, Yep, that’s the right. 147 million children who have no parent, and who have no home. No one to tuck them in at night. No one to teach them letters and sounds. No one to take them to the movies and drive them to soccer practice. No one to brush their hair or pack their lunch. No one to help them see their true potential in life. No one to teach them of Christ and the things in this world that really matter. We can’t save them all, but we can save some…even just one!

My bloggin’ friend, Wendi, is fundraising for a second Colombian adoption. Most recently, I bought a few adoption t-shirts from her. One reason I love her so much is because she is not just fundraising, but also raising awareness of the worldwide orphan crisis that is so near and dear to both of our hearts.


Visit her here to read more about her beautiful family!

If you would like to donate to The Woods’ second Colombian adoption please go here.


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