Registering at Target


We went to Target to register for some items for our shower. So….I’ve never shopped for “kid stuff” — toys for Christmas and birthday presents, but never the real life stuff. It’s expensive!! Welcome to the real world, Adam. We registered for towels, bedroom stuff, assorted bathroom stuff, etc. I can’t wait to graduate so that I can get paychecks to cover this stuff! It’s a good problem to have – one that we’re excited is getting closer. Here are a few more pictures from our registration date night.


A guy can dream, right?


  1. Cracking up in the Hirschi household! That’s really cute Adattack! Well if your going to register anywhere you did it at the right place that’s for sure, there kids stuff is all soooo cute I sure miss Target but I know my checking account is better off without it that’s for sure!

  2. These pis are fabulous. And I might I add that you’re registry was the BEST one I have ever seen. Certainly more fun than dishes and dish towels. We loved shopping from your list and thinking about the children who would enjoy the gifts.

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