the packing begins :)


I promised a happy post–so here it is!

I started packing yesterday. Aunt Jaimee brought home new beach towels from Wal-mart the other day, which got me rather excited to go through the clothing items I have. Adam and I purchased swimsuits at Target last week so I figured that I could at least pack all the swimwear. We plan to spend lots of time in the pool while we are in Bogota. We also plan on taking a side trip to the coast, which is supposedly spectacular. Now all I need to purchase are kid goggles, flip-flops, and sunglasses. I even have sunscreen already packed in their backpacks.

For those who haven’t heard, we received word yesterday of a tentative travel date. We are planning to arrive in Bogota on June 8!!! The amazing thing about this date–get ready for goosebumps–is that it is the exact date we have been praying for. Adam finishes his ‘May’ class on June 6. His ‘June’ class finishes on June 6 & 7. So we are free to leave Utah on the afternoon of the seventh. The kids are being prepped 2-3 times/week. They are excited and anxious for us to arrive. We will get updated pictures along with current heights and weights next Tuesday or Wednesday. Oh man, I can barely contain myself.


And more good news: Adam’s boss, Jim, called today with word that he was able to get Adam’s full-time status at work approved to begin on June 9. This means one or two full paychecks that we were not expecting while in Colombia. This is a huge blessing since there are many expenses awaiting us when we arrive!!!

One more word of gratitude: Jim and Nicole (his wife) have been two of our biggest supporters through this process. We adore their family and we are so excited that we will now have kids that Lily and Emilie (I just know I mixed up their spellings) can play with when we go to dinner. Yay–I’m so excited for that! Jim never gets off the phone without asking about the adoption. Nicole and the girls went through their room and gave us a huge box of amazing children books. And, both Jim and Nicole came to our shower amidst multiple gymnastics obligations. They have never said we’re crazy–at least to our faces. 🙂 They have never tried to dissuade our decision. They have been nothing but supportive. Thank you, Moore Family, for your generosity, kindness, and love. We appreciate you!



  1. Wow! You are packing!!!! Isn’t that so exciting.

    Can you imagine how excited they will be to have all of these great new clothes and other things.(New Parents included) But I bet that they have not recieved lots of gifts in their lives. Does that makes sense?

    June 7th is LESS than a month away!!!!!!

  2. Now who could of gotton those cute cute cute towells! They match perfectly with all the swimwear and I didn’t even try to plan that! How awesome! I just love that monkey towell I regret not getting more but they are all so cute w/their swim suits! I can’t believe how close it is to you guys leaving…Time sure does go by quickly doesn’t it 🙁 🙂 kind of bitter sweet moment there!

  3. Jaimee had no idea what she started I’m sure. Nice job Tia Jaimee, they are darling and oh so cute as well. Of course mami and papi you did a great job coordinating the swimwear. But aren’t we missing something like flip flops and beach toys. Maybe Mami and Papi will let grandmami and grandpapi get something as well. I can hardly wait to see them all outfitted and building sand castle on the beach and watching grandpapi teaching them how to run from the waves and body surf. I’m sure you can remember those days at the beach huh Rach. I can’t believe it is almost time to go, but I’m more than ready and willing to take on this exciting challenge. Wow, your right Jaimee it is a bittersweet moment for you and Rachel as well. I know how much she has enjoyed the precious moments she has had with Brooklynn and especially watching that precious little boy grow from such a little baby. This has been a wonderful blessing for both my daughters. I’m so grateful you have had this most rewarding opportunity to be with each other again. You will be better sisters and friends because of it. May you both realize this gift you have been given. Love you both!

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