I was finally seen by a doctor today. She couldn’t see anything definitive on the ultrasound, but I’m only 5 weeks so she’s not super concerned. Besides the pain on my right side there is nothing from the check-up that points to another ectopic. However, I’m having my quant levels checked today and Friday so she can get a better picture of where I’m at. If my blood work looks good, she’ll give another ultrasound right after New Year’s. If it doesn’t look good then she’ll give me a methotrexate shot before the tube ruptures. Either way, my nerves are calmed because I’m getting some care from an experienced physician–and I didn’t have to go to the ER! This whole no insurance thing is really frustrating.

The doctor told me that I was absolutely right in pushing to be seen. If I waited another week or two, it would be too late to have the option of the shot, and I would have to have surgery. Plus, we’re hopeful that this is a good one. We’re praying it made its way into the uterus. She thought she saw a faint build-up of blood…we’ll see what happens. I’m actually feeling pregnant. That’s a good sign I think. I am extremely tired in the afternoon and at bedtime. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that before. Dare I say, we are feeling more hopeful!!!


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