paper chain countdown


This past weekend Brooklynn and I made a paper chain to mark our three-week countdown to when we leave for Colombia. We alternated colors representing the Colombian flag–cute, huh? Brookie is in charge of tearing off a loop each day, and is super excited about her ‘job’. We are so excited, and our chain is quickly disappearing. 16 days until we leave!


  1. Oh yeah it’s quickly dissapearing, that’s for sure! But she’s doing a great job…She has made it known that I have to be in charge of her “jobs” while she’s gone at daddy’s so we’ll see how well that goes since I won’t even be here either–we’ll have to do a good counting of the links when you return and be sure it’s where it should be! Hope your having fun!!!

  2. Can you believe that Columbia will be a part of you in just 2 weeks??? Enjoy this exciting countdown, Rachel. So excited for you guys! Can’t wait for your shower. Can you please give me ideas of your needs? If you have a big something you are hoping for, tell me and I will get people together for a group gift. I really want to help where it’s needed and I don’t think I am going to be passing on any used boys clothes, (you know, considering that if they don’t have holes, they’ll get used down the line over here at the Hooley home…in fact, even with holes they’ll get used). I looked at your Target wish list but there wasn’t much to order online. You might want to make sure your Target list is updated and I will send people looking that way! That would be SUPER DUPER easy to do. Ok,…long comment, I know. I am just excited for you.

    One other funny thought. Here is what is going to happen: You guys are going to be so busy with these 4 new little people in your home, Adam will be back to work, you are going to be planning FHE lessons like crazy and helping them to learn English,…and then,…then…you are going to find out you are pregnant with quadruplets! Whamo, instant 10 person family. What do you think? It would be the quickest 0 to 8 children ever in the history of motherhood. I just have heard too many stories of something like that happening for me not to have had that thought. If not, 4 is also a handful and PERFECT. 🙂

  3. By the way, that was Becky…I don’t know how or if you would know that. Really, please tell me what you need most!

  4. We are so excited for you! Please let us know what you can use…I know a million dollars would be nice…I would like it too, unfortunately that one is not up for grabs! I wish I could just stow away in your suitcase and be a silent observor as you welcome your four little ones into your arms…I get all teary eyed just thinking about the days and years that lie ahead for you and Adam! We were in ID last week for a family reunion with Justin’s family. A month or so ago when we were talking about going to UT and ID, Lainey asked if we could go to that house where we stayed with the room under the stairs but there were no kids and where my friend was going to adopt some kids. It was so cute. I told her that you were going to go get your kids and she wanted to know when we could meet them. I can’t wait to meet them either and hope that you plan a trip to visit us soon! We always love an excuse to go thrift store shopping and to Disneyland!

  5. I can’t believe your time is so close. I am so happy for you two. It’s so wonderful that you are able to adopt these siblings. You guys are special, as your kids will soon discover.

  6. Love that the chain is in the colors of the flag… proof that you will respect and preserve their culture.

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