beautiful faces, finally!

The adoption of our beautiful foster children is finally complete. And now…..a few of our favorite pics from 2011, faces and all. 🙂 20802084 Birthdays 20962099 Easter 21112120 21142117 Hiking 21352138 21472150 And Just Plain Ole Fun 21292153 21022105

over a month now

It is actually approaching six weeks (on Friday) since we picked up the new kiddos. WOW! It kind of feels like business as usual around here now. The exhaustion and emotion subsided long ago. It’s really really good. Working with DFS has actually been really great (knock on wood). Our opinion seems to be respected.… Continue reading over a month now

day seven update

Our initial growing pains seem to be subsiding. Thank goodness. I haven’t cried since Monday…that’s a very good sign. I know we will have more in the future, but the new children are blending into our routines very well–better than expected, actually. Joey’s chore is to sweep under our table after each meal. He is… Continue reading day seven update

checking it all off

A big thank you to my sister and friends for rallying today. 1. Girls’ bedroom–check 2. Boys’ bedroom–check 3. Costumes–almost check…need to buy one costume 4. Boys’ clothes–check…realizing that I don’t have as many size XS as I thought Beds are made. Walls are decorated. Basics are purchased. And a gift for each nino. We… Continue reading checking it all off