ivf…the cheap plan :)

We just paid our non-refundable deposit for IVF…August Cycle. For those considering in-vitro, or wanting to compare their plan, here is our breakdown… Deposit: $2000 Remainder: $7580 (due by Cycle Day 1) Fertility drug protocol: $3750 Fluid ultrasound: $850 Initial consult: $250 Anesthesiologist: &450 Frozen embryo storage: $1000/year Plus, a $50 co-pay each time I… Continue reading ivf…the cheap plan 🙂

ivf…yes, we are.

So I was standing at the kitchen counter last night staring…staring…staring. Yes, staring at the packet of birth control pills wondering what the heck I was supposed to do with it. Seriously! Luckily, I have a sister or two very familiar with birth control. Being the fertile Mertyls that they are, they helped me match… Continue reading ivf…yes, we are.

flashes of infertility

Two Christmases ago we were in Washington when I found out that I was pregnant, again. It ended up being my most painful and prolonged miscarriage for many reasons. A truly horrible experience. Heck, I am still paying it off because we were uninsured for a brief time. Flashing forward to this Christmas…we headed back… Continue reading flashes of infertility

that darn root…jealousy

It happened today.  I have been waiting for this moment, and it finally arrived. You know, that feeling of utter helplessness, as if time has stopped right in front of you while the world around you keeps swirling and twirling? And no matter how hard you try you cannot make it stop? I thought I might not feel… Continue reading that darn root…jealousy

a strengthening of faith

So my best friend is pregnant. And we’re not talking a little pregnant. We are talking bursting boobies, peeing constantly, going to have the little guy any day pregnant. I haven’t blogged much about my personal experience with her pregnancy because 1. this is a sacred experience for her and her husband, which I have done my… Continue reading a strengthening of faith